Handsworth sixth form

The school was founded in the year 1862; it is among the oldest 6th form in birmingham. The school enjoys a tradition of excellence and achievement. Handsworth accepts boys and girls from age 16 to19 to sixth form level.

Handsworth has numerous school ethos, traditions, and culture of innovation, creativity, and forward thinking. The school aims at providing a different life to each student they educate. There are extensive opportunities created by the college that acknowledge excellence is a matter of diversity.


There are extracurricular activities, pastoral and social activities. The school provides purposeful surrounding with the support of teachers who are well trained and motiving. The institution received a lot of awards some of which included, best in effectiveness, quality of teaching assessment, leadership, and management.

The HMI agreed that the students enjoy coming to the college because of the excellent progress and high standards. Teachers and other staff have expert knowledge and high expectations from their learners.

The school relocated to a new, modern sixth center where you can easily access excellent IT facilities. Students here go to finest universities around the country to study the most competitive courses. The school supports you as far as possible to help in maximizing every potential for better grades.

The flexible timetable allows extra-curricular activities and regularly invites speakers. The talks involve potential career and give learners the opportunity to try new things like rock climbing. The college offers added advantage courses like how to cook on a budget. The skill is useful when you qualify to the university level.

The 6th form in birmingham wants students who can contribute to the local community. They are part of Envision program through which individuals can make contributions to the society. Some of the challenging activities they do is helping the elderly practice activities like gardening.


The college aims at producing students with skills to help make a real and meaningful contribution to society. Learners are challenged every day to succeed in a very competitive world. You can be sure choosing the best sixth school is hard but getting an opportunity at Handsworth is a privilege you will never regret.